Our Buyers Guide - Jumpers vs Jumpsuits vs Rompers vs Tracksuits

We all know rompers, jumpsuits, jumpers, and tracksuits. We've all heard about them but never actually did get the difference. Or we just thought it was all the same thing with many different names.

Well, there is actually a difference and you better be careful. Because when you stumble upon the fashion police, they might have you arrested for misleading the public and causing chaos. So, we better understand the difference and educate our children to get it right!


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Well according to fashion books, style guides or Instagram blogs AKA the ever-evolving fashion industry,jumper or jumper dress (in American English), pinafore dress or informally pinafore (British English) is a sleeveless, collarless dress intended to be worn over a blouse, shirt or sweater. A jumper could be categorized as one of these:

  • Child's overall
  • Sleeveless one-piece dress typically is worn over a blouse

          Let’s say we go for the most common definition as “a  sleeveless  dress, or a skirt with a bib and straps or with an open-sided bodice, usually worn over a blouse.” Alright, so basically overalls...(but they can still be trendy!)

          But then when we use the omnipotent God of searches. We all know who? It's the master GOOGLE!

          Almost everything that comes up is…sweaters, for both men and women. And the same thing happens with Pinterest. Why?

          Well, fun fact: In England, the British call jumpers, "SWEATERS!"Ah-ha!

          So, I guess it just really depends where you are. Toronto, New York or London.


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          Today's, jumpsuits are in vogue. The jumpsuit looks like the one piece. In another word, the jumpsuit is a garment that integrates both top & bottom in one piece. Actually, the jumpsuit is designed by Florentine Thayat in 1919 as a modern outfit.

          By Definition:  A jumpsuit is a one-piece garment with sleeves and legs and typically without integral coverings for feet, hands or head. The original jumpsuit is the functional one-piece garment used by parachuters Going back to the hunt for the right terminology, a jumpsuit is a lot easier to define:

          • A one-piece garment consisting of a blouse or shirt with attached trousers.

            We get that it's a one-piece garment, but if it has pants attached, it's called a jumpsuit. They are actually one of my favorite choices for the summer nights, you can never go wrong with a sexy backless number. And wearing them in the winter is my go-to, especially combined with something comfy, like fuzzy sweaters and cute ankle boots. Can you say cozy-chic?
            But wait a minute, if the jumpsuit has its trousers attached but not shorts, then what do we call that?


            Jumpsuits and rompers are a recurring women’s clothing trend, one that was perhaps most popular in the 1970s and 1980s but did see a resurgence in more recent times.

            Short rompers were quite prominent on international fashion runways beginning around 2009, and they soon gained new ground across the retail spectrum; suddenly they were appearing everywhere from high-end designer boutiques to every-day retail stores. The versatility of the design is thought to be their main key to success.

            These one-piece outfits can be worn as evening or daywear. They are constructed in a variety of fabrics, from cotton to high-end silks, and come in just about any color and pattern imaginable. Although they are sometimes thought of as being a form-fitting garment, both jumpsuits and rompers come in a range of designs, making it possible to find a style to flatter just about any body type.


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            The most significant difference between jumpsuits and rompers is the length of pants that are attached. Both are usually made up of a connected top and bottom, but jumpsuits almost always have long pants and sometimes also full sleeves.

            Rompers, on the other hand, are commonly shorts or even skirts on the bottom, and maybe more like t-shirts up on top. One of the most common places to find these terms is in women’s fashion.

            Different designers sometimes have different takes on the exact definition, but in most cases, jumpsuits are characterized by full pants. This often makes them more formal and more suitable for colder, wintry weather.

            Rompers are often advertised as an alternative to summery dresses and usually have a more casual look. The terminology is also common in children’s fashion, usually with about the same constraints, as well as within industry; many mechanics and engineering technicians wear a sort of jumpsuit, but in these settings, this sort of clothing is usually designed to go over other clothes. Rompers aren’t usually used this way in any context.

            Basic Stylistic Differences

            At least in the fashion world, it’s fairly common for jumpsuits and rompers to be considered one and the same, and the terms are often used interchangeably.

            There are undeniably a number of similarities, particularly when it comes to basic form: both are one-piece garments that can often make up an entire outfit and are usually billed as being something of an “easy” style.

            Looking at the history of the garments and the trend leaders who popularized both does reveal a few differences, though.

            Jumpsuits are traditionally one-piece garments that include some sort of shirt connected to long pants. Sometimes they have full sleeves, but short sleeves and tank-like tops are also common. Depending on the look and the designer, suspender-like straps are sometimes seen, too.

            The idea behind rompers is usually pretty similar, but the biggest difference comes with respect to the length of the bottoms. Most true rompers are shorts or short-length skirts, not full pants.

            You've seen them. You're not exactly sure what she's wearing at first, or if you like it. I had this experience many, many times before I actually figured out what these girls were actually wearing. At first, I said, "wow what a great dress!" But after closer examination, I noticed the bottoms were shorts. So I said okay, must be just a matching tank top and shorts. But no, they're attache

            Are we thinking we had it all covered? There's only one missing question left: What is a romper?/What are rompers? - Well, by definition: A romper is a suit or just romper, is a one-piece or two-piece combination of shorts and a shirt.

            No, I'm not talking about the Spanish verb for "to break," although it sure would be easier to explain. And one does not simply answer this question without a thorough investigation (remember, we're trying to avoid the fashion police). Here’s what I got for you:

            • A loose, one-piece garment combining a shirt or blouse and shorts, bloomer-like pants, worn by young children.
            • A similar garment is worn by women and girls for sports, leisure activity, etc.

                Yeah, they're hip and trendy, and they're even a good change-up from the other common outfits girls wear. But that's not why girls are wearing them. Instead of having to make an actual decision on what style of clothing to wear, or what's appropriate, now they can just revert to indecisiveness and wear a little bit of each piece of clothing. Half dress, shorts, tank top, or even sometimes a T-shirt. They can skip the decision, and just decide to wear basically all of them. They wear them to look dressy, or to go out, or even just casually to throw something on.

                The only thing we can say for sure is that a romper has attached shorts. It looks like a top, blouse or shirt perfectly tucked into shorts. The possibilities for this type of garment are endless – strapless, long sleeves, short sleeves, halter, with buttons, v-neck, off the shoulder…you name it.

                So, we can’t call every jumpsuit a romper but can we call every romper…a jumpsuit?

                I propose we stick to our definition and just call the short and casual one's rompers and the longer ones, jumpsuits.

                Rompers are not just a new fashion trend, they're a statement. Backing girls' indecisiveness, and marking the downward trend of the beloved sundress. It needs to stop. Pick an outfit girl, not just a mashup of every option there is. And most importantly, make the sundress great again.


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                We all need them to go for a jog, have a healthy morning in the gym.

                In modern times, it has become commonly worn in other contexts.

                • The tracksuit is an article of clothing consisting of two parts: trousers and a jacket usually with front zipper.
                • It was originally intended for use in sports, mainly for athletes to wear over competition clothing and to take off before the competition.

                  Your official dress code might be precise. But we say, so should your off-duty uniform.

                  Does loungewear ring a bell? In short, the tracksuit is making its way back.

                  From classic to luxe and super luxe, women's tracksuits are making their presence in daily conversations. They also make the perfect look for your upcoming events and strolls, provided they are jazzed up in the right way.

                  Rock the full athleisure look with some classic sneakers and track pants women or velvet tracksuit women or velour tracksuits and you have the style bar raised.

                  Check our Tracksuits collection.